Services for bio-medical research and the pharmaceutical industry

Post-graduate qualification

2010 - 2011 GMP: Manufacturing and quality control of clinical study material according to relevant guidelines (Cirqum)
2009 - 2011 Several internal training courses related to various aspects of the conduct of studies at a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) specialising in aerosol medicine and radiolabelling (Inamed)
2006 – 2012 Training as auditor (IHK, MedPharmTec, DGPharMed)
2004 - 2010

Professional Development Program of the European Medical Writers Association EMWA, >30 workshops

2005 - 2009 Advanced certificate

2005 - 2009 Multidisciplinary foundation certificate

2004 - 2005 Foundation certificate, specialised area “drug development”

1998 - 2005                   

Continuous training as clinical research associate (ICH-GCP) at three CROs (Kendle, Harrison, MedPharmTec)
since 1998 >30 training sessions related to various aspects of the regulatory environment and to the conduct of clinical studies and non-interventional observational studies of drugs and medical devices in humans (BVMA, DGPharMed, Forum, Harrison, IIR, Inamed, Kendle, MedPharmTec, MEGRA, Vicron)
1996 – 1997 and since 2013             

In vivo biodistribution and pharmacokinetic studies, i.e. animal experimentation, handling of radioactive materials (Technical University, Munich, and GSF-National Research Center for Environment and Health, Neuherberg, Germany) 

CV and all certificates available upon request.